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An Vape Pen Carts Sweden is a device that is operated through a battery and gives an inhaled dose of nicotine or non – nicotine. The vapor also provides a flavor and a physical sensation. Buy Vape Carts Online https://xn--bstacannabisbutiken-gwb.com/

How does it work?

The E-liquid when it’s heated by the coil inside the clearomiser or cartridge. After being heated the liquid turns into vapor which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece. Then it is exhaled through the mouth or nose after that you will see a cloud production (the smoke itself).

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Did you know? 

1. That E-cigarettes consist of 4 parts.   

  •   A cartridge Or a Vape tank or a reservoir holds the liquid (e-juice) containing varying amounts of nicotine and flavorings.
  •   A heating element (atomizer): Its purpose is to heat the vape juice and produce vapor, It consists of a metal coil with cotton wrapped around
  •  A power source (its most the battery): the battery is used to power the device and heats the coil so the aftermath is the process of vaporization.
  • A drip (the mouthpiece that a person uses to inhale); this process is used pouring in e-liquid straight to the atomizer through the drip piece.

2. Is it Dangerous or not? 

 Your E-cigarettes.

According to (reference).
They are 95 percent less harmful to health than smoking. Also, E-cigarettes release negligible levels of nicotine into ambient air with no identified health risks to bystanders.

3.Types of Vape kits  

 There are many forms of E-cigarettes, it highly depends on where you are at in your vaping journey.

Starters vape kit: As a beginner, you would want to go with a starter kit that is low in power and is made towards a mouth to lung style.

Pen styles vape kits: They come in both forms in Month to lung and Direct to lungs. They resemble a pen shape.

Pod systems vape kits: They are a compact system that uses vape pods instead of vape tanks. All you to do is inhale on the device and it will automatically start vaping, it’s good if are switching from smoking cigarettes.

  Squonk mods vape kits: Squonking is a system where your mod has a bottle of juice inside it. This connects to H510 then you would mount a bottom-feeding RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer). So basically, they are carrying a larger amount of E-liquids. https://xn--bstacannabisbutiken-gwb.com/

4.  So many flavors, don’t worry let me tell you a secret.

  Picking an e-juice flavor is probably the easiest to do if you are a person that knows what you like to drink or eat because. You can find any possible flavors, if not just make a request. But it all depends on your vaping style.

There are two main ingredients to the E-juice.

One of them is PG, (propylene glycol).

This will help you produce a hard hit to your throat and give you a strong flavor.

Another one is VG; Better cloud production which helps you make pretty decent smoke rings. 

Find your next best flavor here: E-juice.

5. Vape Accessories

Mod Guard helps in keeping your device in the best condition is important. This item sits between your atomizer and mod. This helps in avoiding the scratches between the mod and atomizer. If you really want to build coils, then you should go for the coil master kit. This kit has everything you need to build your own coils which will save you time and effort. You get wire cutters coil jigs, screwdriver, ohm reader, ceramic tweezers, and comes with 24 gauge of Kanthal and Cotton.

6. Can you mix your e-liquids? 

 Yes certainly, in fact, you can create your own flavors for e-juice. Also, you can combine liquids of different nicotine levels to maintain your tolerance of nicotine. Its recommended that you check out YouTube videos on this topic so you can enjoy great mixes.

7. OVER 500 Flavors of E-JUICE

E-juice comes in a variety of flavors, including candy, bubblegum, and children’s cereals.

At Swedenvapes, we have 500 flavors. Think of it like this: you love the taste of coffee beans or strawberries, You can find these in an e-juice form which gives you a similar taste. Any other types of flavor you want you can find it here:  E-juice.

8. What is shortfill?

A shortfill is a larger bottle of e-liquid which is only filled 80 percent of its capacity and contains no nicotine. There is enough space for you to add one or more bottles of nicotine strength. 

For example, You can take a 120ml bottle. Which is filled with 100ml of e-liquid then add 2 of 10ml of premeasured concentrated nicotine (nicotine shot ). The shot result is 120 ml of your favorite flavor. It depends on the nicotine strength and amount of e-liquid in the bottle. 

Also, you can get a 60ml bottle of which has 50ml of e-liquid and blend it with10ml of nicotine and you will have a full filled bottle. 

 9. What is Nic salt or Salt nic ?

Makes your nicotine journey easy. If you are stealth vaping which means you have a 5-minute break from work and you really want to get the nicotine hit. Then nicsalt is the way. Because you can vape less and have more of a hit quicker from a nicsalt based e-liquid. 

10. E-cig replacement parts

Don’t worry, if dropped your tank or looking for a new coil piece.

we have all the spare parts.

Just to replace the E-cigarette parts.

We have:

A. Coils

 Not all of the coils will work with every device. In order to make sure you pick the right vape coils follow these steps.

  • When you get Replacement coils, make sure to get the same brand for your device because manufacturers only produce coils that are compatible with their brand.
  • Resistance level. Coils used for vapes come in various resistance. It was written on the coil description which coil resistance is best for vape coils. Think of it as you have to vape at a certain wattage this should match your coil wattage.
  • At Swedenvapes we have plenty of coils. We make it easy for you to pick a coil because in our description we mention the coil wattage range.

B. Vape Batteries

  Not all of the vape batteries are the same. You have to make sure the battery is compatible with your vapes device. 

Make sure that it’s the right type and it will deliver the right amount of power to support your vape device needs.

There are 3 types of batteries that are very important.

  • 18650 Batteries: These batteries are best when it comes to removable batteries. They are balanced between power and output. You will find different capacities and power levels to suit your needs.
  • 207000 Batteries: These are much larger than 18650 Batteries and they hold up better power output for a longer time. This means that you will be available to use your vape device for a longer time which is good when you are on the move.
  • The Best battery that you can get in the market is 27100 batteries this gives you a boost in power and capacity. They handle high wattage vaping.

                     Check out the batteries here

C. Battery Chargers

If you going to invest in the top batteries like 18650,207000, 27100. Then you have to get a charger. For the best brands, you can buy from Efest, Nitecore, and Hohm Tech. Even if your mod has a built-in charger it’s highly safe to get a standalone charger because your batteries will last longer and be safe.

D. Wicking Material 

Wicking is so important in your vaping lifestyle. wicking absorbs all the e-juice and brings it to your coil. 

  • Cotton, this type of material gives a clean and usable product for vaping.
  • Silica cord: With this material, you get a very clean flavor and long-lasting wicks.
  • Rayan: A fast-wicking material, it’s very absorbent and e-liquid will flow throughout its fiber with ease.  

E. Vape Tank Replacement

Stainless steel or glass vape tank, replacement. With so many types of tanks, you might be struggling to find just the right one. If you are looking to repair a broken tube or modify the look of your tank, you can look at our glass tanks which are very cost-effective.

E. Vape case and skins.

Here you make your vape device look really amazing. There are many great skins and cases out there. Protection from falling is very important. You can get soft silicone protective cases because they are very strong.

 F. Connections 510 and 810  

If your device comes with a 510 connection, then you can buy an 810-connection adapter and vice versa. The advantage of having both connections vary. Having more cloud production is your type of lifestyle then you would go for 810 connections, although if you want the best flavor from your vape device then go with 510 connections.

11. How to choose the best vape coils!

The main problem is that not all vape coils are the same. If you want to buy a vape coil you have to make sure it’s with the same brand as your vape device. Then it comes down to how much resistance do you vape with. This depends on the wattage you vape at and you have to find a similar wattage in the vape coils that you want to purchase. It is very important to check the recommendations. At Swedenvapes you can find all the information when you go through the coil descriptions. 

 Check out the coils list here

12.What is MTL (MOUTH TO LUNG)?

Mouth to the lung is a process where you inhale first in your mouth and hold it then inhaling it in your mouth to your lungs. 

It’s good because you can take the vapor into your lungs. It’s a very smooth process and steady drag into the mouth and you hold it for some seconds before taking it into the lungs then you exhale it and it’s better to have higher PG e liquids that’s when you get a good throat hit. 

13. What is DL (DIRECT LUNG)?

For this one, you have to take a deep breath, but you are pursing your lips as you draw from the vape.  You could use devices that are adjustable or fully open airflow because it requires airy as you are breathing like lung type. This will give you a smoother vape and thick clouds and not so much throat hit best types of e-liquids are a higher VG ratio. 

New  Vapeporn, E-cig, and vaping Products 

We present to you new products that are new to Swedenvapes online store you can find mostly E-juice, starter kits,  mostly coils, vape brush, vape cloth, and many more products at cheap prices.  You can new flavors here and we update our products. We have the most popular vape product you can find. For example like the best vape tanks and the Best vape kits from all over Sweden. On the left panel, you can choose the flavor type, the brand you really love. Also, the coil type you want


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